Coming Off As A Serious Potential Buyer At Open Houses

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When it comes to house hunting, this can be a tough process if you are in a competitive area with many buyers. Showing interest in homes you like can be done at open houses and is a great way to put your best foot forward. Here are four ways you can show that you are serious about the home-buying process at open houses.

1. Look the Part

While house hunting can involve a lot of driving and is usually on the weekends, don't go to open houses looking like you just rolled out of bed. You don't need to go over the top, but looking presentable and approachable will set you apart from other potential buyers. Show up with a clean, put-together look so that you look serious about the process.

2. Praise Things You Like

Home selling can be a personal, emotional experience for owners. Sellers might try to find a buyer that will love their home rather than opt for the highest bid. If there are things about a home you truly like, such as a great backyard for your kids or proximity to the beach for kayaking, mention these at an open house. These personalized tastes can make you stand out and sellers will be more likely to identify with you.

3. Chat Up the Real Estate Agent

It is important to say hello to the real estate host when entering a home. Be sure to ask any questions that you might have, but don't monopolize their time if there are many people at the open house. Do try to find out when they are expecting offers to be submitted and get their information for follow up viewings or questions.

4. Don't Say Anything Negative About the Home

You never know if a neighbor, the seller's best friend, or the seller themselves might be at an open house. Something as innocent as wanting to redo the backyard or gutting a bathroom might come off the wrong way. People get attached to their homes, so stay quiet or only remark on positive aspects. Keep your comments for the car.

If your dream house has just gone on the market, you may be overly excited to check out the open house. Be sure to come prepared because the real estate agent and even owner might be sizing up potential buyers. Always put your best foot forward in open houses because sellers sometimes are looking for the perfect fit for their home and not just at the bottom line. Contact a professional like Aaron Lillie - Real Estate Sales Representative for more information.